don’t judge…

But this is sort of amazing. I decided to repaint my kitchen and in the process had to do a bit of cleaning. I cleaned out a few things from my baker’s rack and nestled in the back behind my cookie jar, wrapped in a bag was a yam sprouting stems about 4 inches long.

Keep in mind that my kitchen is not gross by any means (or at least I like to think so.) I have no idea how this thing escaped disposal ages ago, because the last time I bought yams was Thanksgiving. So, for roughly four months this little guy has been sprouting in a bag on my baker’s rack unbeknownst to me or any of my visitors.

I pulled him (yes, it’s a he) out and placed him on the counter a few days ago. In only a few days of having access to the sun, he has completely taken over my baker’s rack. I don’t really know what to do with him–should I put him in water? However, I did just finish watching The Crawling Eye (which I highly recommend for any other fifties horror movie fans), and the thing is sorta creeping me out now. I dunno… Although, I do feel like he deserves a chance, seeing as he survived plastic-baggie captivity for several months.

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  1. I had a similar situation in my college house, but with way more potatoes in an upper cabinet. We just added a plastic dinosaur to give it an old school diorama feel.

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