Tiny Chucks for Tiny Daniel

It might be safe to say I’m a little obsessed with Chuck Taylors. I have approximately 10 pairs in almost every color, however I almost always wear one of my two favorite pairs. You’d think my pair of orange ones were part of my anatomy since they were attached to my feet for almost a decade and ended up a color that resembled dirty red sand, which I loved even more.

My college roommate Ruth shared my affinity for Converse high-tops and between the two of us we probably owned almost their entire catalog at one point or another.

This past Sunday Ruth had her first baby, Daniel. When Ruth first told me she was pregnant, I knew exactly what I wanted to make her—a pair of tiny Chucks for her new little one. I found a pattern from CyberSeams, and actually knitted them during a flight to Seattle, changing the pattern only to create the signature Converse stripe. This miraculously was the first project I ever knitted, and I think they came out way more adorable than I originally thought they would.

Let’s hope they fit little Danny’s feet.

Nicole Smith is an author, editor, designer, and instructor who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Check out her latest book, Skirt-A-Day Sewing, out now at your local bookstore, or online.
  1. Hola me llamo Isabel, me gustaria que me mandaras las instrucciones para realizar esos preciosos patucos.


  2. Gracias por el patrón.
    Si necesitas algún patrón que yo pueda ofrecerte estaré encantada de dártelo, un saludo de nuevo y gracias.


  3. I just wanted to say that your knitted boots are cute, congratulations! 🙂

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