halloween revisited

While working on my costume today, I realized that I never shared photos of the one I made last year. For some reason I decided to be Jane Fonda’s character in Klute, which meant I was explaining my costume all night long. A few people asked if I was a pirate wench, to which I just finally started agreeing with. I later spilled molten lava cheese on my skirt while trying to devour cheese-covered tator tots and bacon wrapped hot dogs from Crif Dogs. So, I think this costume is retired and won’t appear again. The blouse and boots might if I decide to be a wench next year, but I highly doubt it.

I made the skirt and vest from ultra suede and the blouse from silk. I got the boots off of eBay. This was miraculously the only photo taken of me the entire night using my cell phone as I was about to leave the apt. My hair is way too long now to recreate the photo of Jane below, but I have dreams of doing so with my costume (that is if I can get the cheese out!)

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  1. Awesome! Post pics of this year’s costume too!

  2. omg can you make me that outfit??????… <3

    • Hi Alex,
      Unfortunately I threw away my patterns from that day long ago. I don’t think I could make you the outfit in time for Halloween 🙁 However if you have any questions about making your own, just let me know!

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