Getting ready

I somehow just realized what time of year it really was. Last night I began my Thanksgiving cooking, without any concern given to my allergy or wheat intolerance. I’m having way too many guests to keep my guts in mind. A dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free Thanksgiving doesn’t leave very much to be thankful for in the way of edibles.

I feel as though I have been running at an incredible speed the past month. I had a week-long visit by the mom, Nana, and great aunt that proved to be way more entertaining than I had hoped. I fit in a trip to Texas for a friend’s wedding, and made my favorite Halloween costume to date (pics to follow this week). I also turned 30 somewhere in that madness, and decided in my new-found adulthood that I would put up my Christmas tree early…in mid October…while wearing a fur hat and eating my leftover birthday cake.

Perhaps this wasn’t the most mature thing to do, but it suited me just fine.

Other than my Christmas tree, I don’t really decorate for the holidays. However, today while I was purchasing some prints off Etsy, I also stumbled upon the shop Knock Knocking. There I found the most delightful and colorful wreaths that made me rethink the whole holiday decorating thing.

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  1. I’d wear this around my neck it’s so sweet~

  2. I totally bought the penguin one. Now I gotta find the perfect place for him in my apartment.

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