Me as Rachel

Instead of waiting an entire year to post about my Halloween costume results this time around, I’m actually posting them in a somewhat timely manner. One month isn’t too late, right? I’m still healing from the injuries I received from that night, so I’m assuming it’s still cool. (Note to self: Avoid St. Marks St. next Halloween. Crazy guys WILL grab you and knock you to the ground.)

My Rachel the Replicant costume was still being sewn that Saturday afternoon, and Dinne’s last-minute Pris came together in literally about 45 minutes. My only regret was that I think I could have made my shoulder pads even higher. I draped the jacket and skirt pattern and didn’t line either of them. The fabric was something I found in the discount bin at Jo-Ann’s and I now have about 2 more yards left of it.

Dinne was literally wearing a pair of pantyhose that she had ripped the crotch out of and pulled over her head and her arms through the torn-off legs. I hand-sewed her necklace from a bracelet she found at Ricky’s, and her wig started out as a waist-length disaster that we cut to match. I’m sure she’ll be finding blonde hairs all over her apartment for the next year.

I didn’t think our Blade Runner reference was that obscure, but apparently it was. No one knew who we were all night and I was left explaining myself most of the time. The only person that got it was a guy who screamed across the street as we were getting in a cab around 2:00 am on the lower east side. Finally I heard from across the street, “F@$K YEAH! BLADE RUNNER! THAT’S @#$*ING AMAZING!” It made my night.

P.S. Dinne and I had no idea the 7-ft Rocky Horror was standing next to us in that picture. I wish I could have gotten a picture of our photographer Amanda’s face once she saw her results.

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  1. Rachel – you were so CLOSE to PERFECTION, but you forgot the shiny buff (more pale than nude) pantyhose that she wore in the movie. At least she did in the scenes at Tyrel Corporation. I think that she bare legged in Deckard’s apartment, but then she was wearing the grey suit/dress, rather than the loverly black you wore to the party.

    I’m so glad that you were recognized at the last minute! That must have made you feel GREAT!

  2. Hello Nik, I found my way here through the Sewing Republic site. Your costume as Rachel and Dinne’s as Pris are great. This is my all-time favorite movie; you two have the outfits spot-on. Congratulations for a fine job. BTW, the additional shoulder pads will take a careful touch or you might look more like one of the Bears’ Monsters of the Midway. Cordially, Nehmah

  3. Brian–Next year if I wear the costume again, I’ll be sure and wear hose. I’m actually glad I didn’t this year or I would have ended up with a bloody scuff and run in them from my fall on Astor Pl.

    Nehmah– I already felt like my shoulder pads were massive in person, but for some reason they didn’t seem that dramatic in person. I’d have to drape the whole thing over again if I added more, so it’ll probably remain as is.

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