When the weather (or your site) is frightful

It’s too cold outside. It’s incredibly too cold outside. Last night we got a snow storm complete with thunder and lightening, which was new and exciting for my Texan-bred eyes, but still didn’t make me want to venture outside. So, I have been keeping warm in my steam-heated Brooklyn apartment and avoiding the snow if at all possible. I thought I would be able to work on website issues, however I received a wonderful surprise yesterday when I tried to log into my site. Instead of my normal homepage, I saw this lovely face staring back at me:


Awesome. It also came with a courteous message from the kids that were responsible signed with an email address. After staying up all night fixing my website into its new form (which is still MAJORLY under construction, so bare with me), I would be lying if I didn’t admit that during live chat with my Webhost help center, I yelled countless profanities at my laptop screen and even resorted to flipping off the computer as if it and the help center could see me and understand my intense frustration.

So, my website is on the mend and I’m contemplating sending hate mail to some hackers from Iran. If only I completely understood how they got into it in the first place and wouldn’t hurt me anymore if I sent them a virtual steaming pile of dog poo. Does anyone know any Iranian cuss words?

The cemetery across from my apartment yesterday before the storm.

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