The Moose Thimble

A while back my buddy Vicky went on a cruise to explore the stunning yet frozen countryside of Alaska. Upon her arrival back to the continental states, she bestowed upon me this incredible souvenir–a thimble made from moose hide. It was a funny gift that provoked a lot of inappropriate jokes and hand gestures at first, but this fuzzy dude has quickly become my new favorite sewing notion.┬áThis week I’ve been doing quite a bit of hemming and hand sewing and decided to give the ol’ fuzzy guy a try. Now, I must say, this thing is pretty amazing. It’s durable, comfortable, and totally looks badass since with my houndstooth fingernails, my middle finger looks as though he’s ready to run off and start a ska band. Too bad I force him to stay home and play the banjo on my couch instead.

Nicole Smith is an author, editor, designer, and instructor who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Check out her latest book, Skirt-A-Day Sewing, out now at your local bookstore, or online.
  1. That thimble is cool, but where on earth did you get those amazing houndstooth nails done!?

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