new things all around…

The in-house studio has been through a bit of an upgrade lately. I was able to score a fabulous vintage, Danish desk recently, and I am in love. My previous desk was actually an old dining room table. The shabby-and-not-so-chic table was completely drawer-less, so all of my pencils, papers and the like were strewn all over the top. It wasn’t long before the desk itself was just another excuse for procrastinating.

And what graces the top of my new desk? Well, my new Bernina Aurora 440, of course. A couple of months ago, Bernina began work on an awesome project called The Sewing Republic, which is a fun website geared towards the younger sewer. The site is in its beginning stages and now has information on all things Bernina, including a Q&A session on finding your perfect machine.

This month, they will also start rolling out projects and tutorials by Stacy Sews, Handmade Kate, Chickpea Sewing Studio, and yours truly. I am so honored that the lovely folks at Bernina asked me to be a part of this endeavor, especially since teaching sewing and pattern making has become such a large part of my life. This should be a fun ride, indeed.

p.s. don’t worry about the ominous light emanating from my kitchen doorway. I’m not getting abducted by aliens… It’s just my Aerogarden in the next room.

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