Free Quilt in a Bag Project

Quilt laid out flat (the bag is on the underside)

For a quilt that not only keeps you warm or holds your place at the park but also helps tote your goodies to the game or picnic, try this great project I created for Bernina’s Sewing Republic. The entire how-to is available free for download on the Sewing Republic website. If you don’t want to take the time to create a quilt, you can also use a large piece of fleece as your blanket, or stitch the tote onto a pre-existing quilt. You can make the blanket as large or small as you like. If I was to make it again, I would use a water-resistant fabric for the quilt backing and bag. That way when I lay it down in the grass at the park, I won’t have to worry about damaging the quilt.

Bag with the quilt inside

Sewing in a Straight Line Winner
Last week I posted an interview with my friend Brett Bara, all about her new book, Sewing in a Straight Line, along with a chance to win a free copy. Congrats to Allison C! You are the winner! Thanks to all who commented for a chance to win, and stay tuned for more... Continue Reading
Sewing in a Straight Line with Brett Bara Giveaway
I’m so happy to announce that my dear friend Brett Bara‘s new book, Sewing in a Straight Line, is now available! For anyone that doesn’t already know of Brett, she is the host of Knit & Crochet Now, and an all-around super talented lady. I first got to know Brett... Continue Reading
Cross-stitched Rejection
A few months ago some friends of mine hosted a Mad Men-themed cocktail party at their apartment. Whether this party was initially planned so that they could dress up in snazzy outfits or simply serve ridiculously strong alcoholic drinks with equally ridiculous names, I’m not so sure. Either way, it... Continue Reading
My First Craftster Swap
A few months ago I participated in my very first Craftster swap. The swap’s theme was Yarnies vs. Sewists. The idea behind the swap was for people who sew to exchange handmade items with people who love to knit or crochet, and since I’m a sewist, I was partnered with... Continue Reading
Moschino Hair Band Project with a Twist
Now that I have long hair, I love finding new hair accessories to not only wear but to pull my mane back out of my face. Now on the Sewing Republic website is my Twist and Shout Headband project made from faux silk. The above headbands are from the spring... Continue Reading
Marc Jacobs Inspired Embellished Top Project
Last spring I created a top for SewStylish that was inspired by the Marc Jacobs Resort collection that season. For photography reasons, I had to go with bright colors (as you can see below), but I would love to do this again in more muted colors for myself. I’m thinking... Continue Reading
DKNY-Inspired Wrap Project
When searching for a quick cover up this spring for those chilly evenings, you don’t need to shell out tons of cash for a designer item. All you really need is a couple yards of knit fabric and a little sewing know-how. I created the wrap below inspired by the... Continue Reading
Embroidered Editorial
Last week I came across the incredible work of artist Inge Jacobsen by way of Trendland. Jacobsen uses embroidery techniques to alter fashion images used in magazines and other periodicals, transforming the once disposable items into works of art. (I wonder what sort of reinforcement she uses on the backs... Continue Reading
Oscar de la Renta One-Hour Dress Project
Last spring SewStylish’s blog featured a post highlighting a dress I created for their Spring 2010 issue inspired by the Oscar de la Renta dress above. The entire how-to is featured in the post, and can be created in about an hour using jersey knit fabrics. The shape is a... Continue Reading
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